They want Bill Gates to step down?

by fangjun9608 on October 2, 2013 - 11:47am


When I saw this article, it surprised me a lot. It reminds me of what happened to Steve Jobs when Apple told him to step down from the own company he founded. I mean isn’t kind of cruel to give up the company that you’ve worked for years of blood and sweat.



Three of the top twenty investors wants Bill Gates to step down as the Microsoft Chairman because Microsoft is not doing so well in certain aspect because of the high competition in the technology industry. Sony, Apple and Samsung are huge competitors of Microsoft. He already stepped down as CEO (the one who takes final decision in the company) in 2000, by giving it to Steve Ballmer because he wanted to focus more on his foundation to help the poor people in the world. The investors felt that Gates blocks the adaptation of new strategies.  Yet, Bill Gates still remains of the most brilliant minds of technology today.

Personally, I think that it probably will not happen because he is a highly respected man in the technology and if they really forces him to step down I feel that the company will go downfall. Besides when Apple fired Steve Jobs, their company did not do very well until they recalled him back to improve the company. Now, Apple is one of the most dominant force because of their cool new technology (IPhone, I Touch, and MacBook). Also, I think the article misses some references when he cited the money that Microsoft made and the % of Microsoft shareholders.



It highly possible that Bill Gates, unfortunately get kicked out of his throne. With all that emerging technology, we can see that Bill Gate is not as innovative as he used to be ! As you said In your article, major league companies like Sony, Samsung and Apple are huge competitors and Microsoft will be soon kicked off the market if they don’t do any reforms. Just think about the Xbox One (the gaming console). They used to be very popular with the Xbox 360 but it turns out that now they sell products that are not that good and very expensive. I think that what they mean by kicking Bill out of his throne is making place for more innovation. Bill Gates will remain the leader, the one who first brought the computer and the softwares to bright light but now, he’s outdated according to this article :

Your first paragraph made me react toward the decision the investors are having. How can such a man step down from position in the company he has co-founded?
I do not really follow this kind of news, but in my opinion he should not have been stepped down from his throne in 2000. Logically, if he accepted to leave his first position, it becomes easier after to change to any other post in this large company. According to me, if he had the choice, he would not leave his position. Even if the company has many competitors. It is like falling from hero to zero! From the co-founders and one of the biggest heads of Microsoft to chairman. This function blocks him from adopting of new strategies and would limit the power to make substantial changes. The link attached share the same topic, for more information.

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