Technology, More Advanced than we Think

by fleming.Shamuel on August 28, 2013 - 11:51am


Technology, More advanced than we think


We all know technology, its part of our everyday life. Weather you are using a smartphone, a computer or even a calculator, technology is helping you in some way. My concern is what if the technology we know is outdated ? What if we are using technology that the secret service were using back in the 90’s ? I remember when the GPS (Global Positioning System) was first out to the public! Everyone was blown away by this new technology and yet it wasn’t really accurate, the reason ? The secret forces didn’t want terrorist to use a GPS to strike at accurate places. We found out later that GPS was being used by the army for the past 10-15 years. The same thing happened with the microwave. We all know that technology has evolved a lot because of wars and since the US Army is still in “war” with Afghanistan, it makes me believe that they probably have super advanced computers and gadgets that will be out to the public in many years.


This article I found talks about the U.S. military using quantum physics which is known has “Quantum Technology”. It is a type of physics which deals with things on microscopic levels. Essentially, the U.S. military scientist are trying to find the limits of energy and matter by breaking the rules of physics itself. They are hoping to be able to use Quantum computing, Quantum communications, quantum imaging and many more.


To me, this is mind-blowing !! Breaking Quantum physics is a very hard tasks to achieve! Just think about it, if the public knows about there research, it means they have been working on it for quite along time and they may have broke the physics already.. this is stuff that we, the public, will never know. And also, if we know about this, it means they have much more important project they are working on which are top secret and therefore it proves that the technology we are using today is yes very suitable for our lifestyle but is not the latest technology and by far.




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