Team spirit

by mathieubgervais on September 25, 2013 - 8:00pm

         There’s a lot of good teams when it comes to sports, and in every sport there’s always one team that is better than all the other teams. Now what makes them better? Is it because the team is built with superstars? The answer to that is no, most good teams have great team spirit which allows them to go far. Team spirit holds a team together and only success can come from it. Without any team spirit in a sports team, the team cannot compete to the same level as others.

         When you look at a team with good team spirit, you will see a team filled with guys who respect one another and coaching staff, who will always think positive and encourage themselves instead of bringing each other down, who will know their role and respect their role on the team either it be on the starting line up or not. Every player will recognize the importance of their teammates on the team and not only their own. A good team filled with good team spirit will think as “we” and not as “I”. A good team player will recognized his mistakes and be willing to learn from them, and be able to take positive and negative feedback from others. Karlene, author of the article says that T.E.A.M stands for - Together Everyone Achieves More! Which is absolutely true!

       I believe that this article is a strong article. Karlene Sugarman, the author of the article is a professor in sports phycology at John F. Kennedy University, she also worked with various sports teams to help build their team spirit and she even published a book “Winning the mental way”. The fact that she has done so much in sports and that it's her profession makes the article strong. I personally believe that team work is the key to success to a winning season. When all players of a team are ready to commit themselves for the success of their team, it's the perfect recipe for  a winning team. I’ve played for many teams, some with team spirit and others without and I must say that the years I most appreciated and that were the most successful were when players held each other together with a good team spirit! Always remember - There’s no I in Team!  

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I always heard that spirit team was the most important thing for a team. Before I live it, I couldn't believe it. Most of the time, big and good players know they are and starting to have a big head. I think that's the first reason of bad team spirit, because this player will think he's better than all other of the team and it will create a lot of problems in the team. Personally, five years ago, I played for a team who had not the best players and during the season we develop a good team spirit and it make us win against the first place!

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