Take a Breath...Since You Still Can

by alexandregarceau on October 23, 2013 - 2:32pm

Take a breath. Then take another one… This second breath that you just got was given to you by the ocean. It creates fresh air, creates life, and creates opportunities, recreational activities and more. Humans are destroying this beautiful habitat.


This short video is saying enough in 3 small minutes, everything we don’t know, but should know. It states that because of us, humans: 90% of our planet’s big marine predators are now gone, 20% of all coral reefs are gone. In addition, we can’t even say we’re close of comparing the amount of protected areas on land and on sea. 12% of the land is protected, however less than 2% of the sea is protected and the worst thing is that 95% of the ocean has not even been yet discovered. I really want people to read this because we are the difference; we are the people that could make a change and restore our old and healthy ocean. National Geographic are doing their best. We need to give them a hand don’t you think? The environment is something that for now is for granted for a lot of earth’s population, but the things is that its going to struck us in our back because we didn’t do a thing to stop it. I want to live on this earth, my planet , my world…my home. We have t do something.




We are totally abusing of the gift from the ocean! All the beauty; animals, corals, fish, are all in extinctions! You are totally right! We need to act and to move for this cause! Some companies are doing horrible thing to fish, like shark finning for example (http://www.stopsharkfinning.net/ ) is one of the most inhuman things we could have done to fish. They cut off the fin and throw the shark alive in the ocean like garbage! The shark is simply dying or eaten by other fish. This practice although is now illegal, but it is still a practice that many company does, because of the demand from the Asian culture. Other fish are also in extinction like tuna and California’s sardine.( http://ocean.nationalgeographic.com/ocean/critical-issues-overfishing/ ) Some studies from the National Geographic in 2006 ,is advancing , that we might not have any fish in our ocean by the year 2048, if we do not stop over fishing like we do right now. I did not attempt to be touch that much by videos of sharks, but they are really revolting. I really think we need to act. If you want to see a video of this horrible practice you only need to type Shark fin on youtube.

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