Syria on fire

by fangjun9608 on August 28, 2013 - 9:20pm

This article caught my attention because the use of chemical weapon is a serious matter because it kills a lot of people. I’ll explain briefly how all this happened.


The Syrian civil war started 2 years ago around April. It is part of the Arab Spring which was a movement in several Arab countries when the population are not happy with the current president. The civil war basically is a battle between the protestors and the national army of Syria. Over 1.8million Syrians fled to other countries because of the war. Also, a lot of protestors have been imprisoned and tortured ever since it began.
Recently, the United Nations has declared that Syria used chemical weapon against protestors. It baffled the entire world because chemical weapons are forbidden and it killed maybe more than 1000 people. Most of the countries have no doubt that the only one capable of launching a chemical is the Syrian government and has been confirmed by the investigation team of the United Nation.


I think that Syria should be punished immediately for using such a dangerous weapon. These things are a thread to mankind.




Hi, I'm totally in accord with your opinion. But, plus of being dangerous, the chemicals weapon, can be dangerous for all the other countries, all the world. I think that Obama's had take a good decision to protect his bases & allies.

As this volataile situation in Syria continues to be monitored closely by news media across the globe, we heard from United States President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry regarding America's planned response following the UN's retreat.

What was saddening was the attack on the school which was also mentioned yesterday in the NBC News article "Kerry calls attacks on Syrian civilians "crime against humanity."

My heart goes out to all the children who were maimed in the recent attacks.

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