Solar Electric Panels in Africa ?

by Meli.caron007 on October 2, 2013 - 9:04pm

Solar energy is one of the basic energy of life. We all take energy from the sun (plants, humans, animals) and we cannot live without any sun-rays on earth. We also know that solar energy is a source of safe energy. So, why do we not try to take advantage of it by using solar electric panels?

In Africa, a pilot project led by many investors (Solar Electric Light Fund, Association pour le Developpement Economique Social and Culturel de Kalalé (ADESCA)) installed many electric panels in the town of Kalalé, in Benin (next to Nigeria and Niger). The project ( ) was to have electricity in schools, hospitals, and also to irrigate water. The project succeed so much that there was even a reserve of energy! Investors are planning on expanding solar panels on the west of Africa. 

This plan is good news for the economy in Africa, but also for the world. This project shows how we can be green and helpful at the same time. We should take the examples from them and try to incorporate clean energy into our house. The issue is now to discuss of how many dollars the government is ready invest into green project.

They were no sources related to my article besides the website of the organizations and other associated investors. I consider this article being reliable, because it was posted on the National Geographic site, which is a scientific magazine. The only thing that would probably influence the author’s position is his partnership with Shell. Which I find it weird, because Shell Is an oil producer and talking about using green energy that is quite their opposite. 



I totally agree with your article. I think that it would be great if those associations can invest in the project, it will finally make a big step forward. It would show that a part of the world accept to invest money for Africa. I'm sure that the big companies who have too much money, don't really care about 1 million less... And it would make a difference for a whole country. I know that it's does a long time Africa's asking for money, but I really think that this project would make the difference and the Africans can get a little bit more one the same step with the rest of the world.