Shooting in Navy Yard

by fangjun9608 on September 18, 2013 - 12:23pm


This article is going to be about what is happening in USA these past days. I think it is pretty weird that a lot of shooting happens in our neighbor. The shooting at the movie theater, the shooting in school, now this? I mean there must be something wrong with the laws. Oh yeah, no gun control.


Several days ago, the gunman who is a former Navy reservist killed 12 people in Washington, Navy Yard. His name is Aaron Alexis and he was 34 years old. No one has any idea what his motives where because people described him as a nice person. But, police suspects that he had mental issues over the years since a police sergeant said that he was hearing things during the hearing. A police record has stated that Alexis said that several unseen people were speaking to him thorough the walls and they using a microwave machine to keep him awake.


After reading this article, I feel very sad for the people who lost their lives .I mean they were innocent people, they were just minding their own business. I also think that the fact that someone has mental issues tends to do these cruel things.

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