She plays football with boys

by andree-anne talbot on November 14, 2013 - 12:04am

There was a time when the equality between men and Women was just not existing. Everybody knows that! but today… Even if there is just a really thin line between boys any girls, it is still there. It may not be bad at some points, but at some other it can lead to some specific issues. For example if a girl wants to play football and there are no girl team, she may not be allowed to play in the boys team…



The first article is about a little 12 years old girl enjoying football. Maddy Baxter played in her school’s team. Obviously, it is a boy team, but last year she was allowed to play and her mom says she was as great as the other boys. Unfortunately, this year the school decided that she couldn’t play in the football team anymore. Wondering why? Because she is girl! School officials also mentioned to her that the other members of the team might start to see her in an impure way. Finally, Maddy and her mom Cassy Blythe are trying to make the school realize they are breaking Maddy’s dreams and childhood. 


The second article is about a study that have been done on kids in physical education class in middle school. The kids have been observed two times so the experts could make comparisons and classify results. Basically, there are four main themes that have been looked at: teacher’s expectation, boys creating competitive atmosphere, competitive atmosphere as a positive factor on girls participation and peer’s behaviour. One interesting fact that I learned from the results of this study is that, apparently, some girls would like to play football or even practice wrestling. They said that it looks fun and they would like to try it, just to give it a try and see if they really enjoy these sports.  


These two articles are related to each other because their main topics is sports and girls in sport. What I like from this, is that the first article is elaborating on a real situation and that the second one is giving some explanations about the situation. The second article is giving details about a study on girls in sports so it is related to everything girls can do or want do when it is time for them to be active. I can see an obvious connection between these two articles, specifically when girls in the second article are saying that they would like to try some sports considered as boys sports because they are thinking the same way Maddy Baxter is thinking n the first article. 


Finally, I think it was really interesting to read about that because I like sports and I like to try everything and this is making me realize that there are tons of sports I hadn't try just because it is labeled as boy sports.



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