The Severity of Concussions

by PedgeRuest on October 23, 2013 - 11:57am

As many people may experience, either during physical activity or work, concussions have a larger effect on the brain than most people believe. Most people who suffer from a concussion seem to take it lightly when in reality it should be taken seriously because the dangerous consequences of them.

Once an individual suffers from a concussion, it does not disappear within days, they have long term effects on your mental health. For those who are unaware of what concussions are, according to the medical dictionary, “a concussion is an injury of a soft structure, as the brain, resulting from a blow or violent shaking”. Besides from the symptoms that come along with the trauma, (confusion/headache, nausea, depression, irregular sleep… the list goes on.) concussions produce a temporary loss of brain function due to the injury of the brains nerves when the brain hits against the skull. What most people do not know is that even years after the accident, the brain still does not function 100% perfectly as before the accident, therefore the worst decision to take is to go back to work/physical activity and risk another accident because this can potentially cause a higher risk of serious brain damage. For example, based on the tests taken off professional athletes who suffered of a concussion, results show that the wave activity of the brain still is abnormal and therefore causes attention problems. In addition, another study was taken from individuals who had suffered concussions 30 years previously. This test demonstrated that the symptoms of these individuals could potentially be similar to those of the Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease and a development of the problems they got after the accident (attention and memory problems). Therefore, should associations strictly prohibit the violence of sports that most of the time, is the link to the concussions/ or increase the protection of workers during the job (depending where the person experienced the accident), or should they just let the game go on?

In my opinion, this is a no brainer. The physical activity of an individual is for sure a very important part of their lifestyle, however there are limits to them like the consequences spoken of previously. The pleasure of the game is the competition and not how many people a player can cause damage to, therefore I believe that associations should work towards prohibiting the violence in sports or even provide more protection to workers in their work place because concussions can be experienced anywhere and anytime. The mental health of an individual is far more important that the pleasure of the game or of the persons career. Personally, I like to have contact in my sport myself, however I far more prefer staying healthy my whole life.

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