Sea-level rising related to climate change

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Oceans are constantly more and more polluted since the past centuries. There are huge impacts related to the pollution of our oceans. We can notice these effects on humans, animals and climate change. The climate change is really disturbing for all human beings and that is why I found important to write about it.


A place in the world that their waters are affected by the climate change is Louisiana. It is remarkable because of its relation with oceans. Oceans are important for their economy because of the fishery and also many species live in Louisiana’s seas. That is why the community is working to protect their waters. Louisiana is a really important humid zones in the United States, the numbers of kilometers of these humid areas are decreasing that is why we start to care a little bit more about it. This loss is mainly related to many factors created by pollution. The environmental disasters are also increasing these numbers. This will keep increasing during the time if we don’t help to the environment crisis. We can actually noticed effects from the climate change on sea level and on the numbers of environmental disaster. The rising of the sea level is a result of ice melting and the decrease of land elevation. There are many scenarios concerning the future of the rise of the sea level. The scientists predict that this rising will have important effects in our world. We actually start to see them in Louisiana. We don’t want them to increase that is why it is important to protect our oceans.



The devastating hurricane named Katrina make people realized about the oriented below sea level. New Orleans a city in Louisiana where this event happened is shaped as one who cannot always resist to water storms. They needed to make something to protect their city of the total submersion because of the sea level that is constantly increasing and other storms are predicted even bigger than Katrina. As Louisiana City remarked the sea level was much higher then they thought it would be. Southeast Louisiana is threaten because of its location the oceans are going up and buried this effect can have huge impact for the future. Scientists have prediction for the sea level in the future. To prevent the sea level rise and the effects on the world is to put money in the protection outside it and if there is an emergency they also need cost for it.


Both of the articles presented the effects of the sea level rising related to the climate change. They insisted on the fact that it will keep increase without the help of the community and bring bigger environmental disasters. Katrina was important but we will be victim of even worst disasters. The difference between the two articles is their aspects they treated. The first talked about an economic impact because of the lost in the money related to the fishery. The second one talked more about an aspect economic about a specific location in Louisiana to protect this area from being inhumed and about the add costs related to emergencies. These differences are the more important. In some, both of the articles explained well the effect of sea level rise and the climate change.



Bump, Philip. “ Louisiana may see the highest-rising seas in the world.” Gristmill Fresh Whole-Brain News. Web. Feb. 2013.

This is related to my third paragraph as the second one did, it describes really well what are the predictions for the future and how it is affecting our world now. It described another aspect economically because it is related to a specific location.


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Related to the second paragraph, this is really important for the climate change and its impact on the sea level and how it affects human being’s lives. They talked about the economic impact of the community as a whole.

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