Save climate to save Canadian’s tradition!

by mathieubgervais on October 23, 2013 - 1:21pm

                Putting on your pair of skates and going to the ice rink with you family and friends is something most Canadians grow up doing during winter time. A place where people have outside hockey games or just enjoy having a little skate. Great memories come from our hockey experiences on ponds or outdoor ice rinks. But will the future generations coming get the chance to witness the great Canadian tradition of playing hockey outside during our cold seasons?

                Over the years, studies have shown that cold seasons were ice gets formed have shorten in the past 50 years. The change of the climate is shortening our winters and it is harder to make out door ice rinks for people to go and enjoy. A geographer from Concordia University Damon Matthew says that in the next mid-century temperatures will not be cold enough to make outdoor rinks and the only way rinks could be build is with artificial intervention. This topic is so important to communities that the Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been asked to reproach the topic of global warming and focus on cutting greenhouse gases. From 1951 to 2005, 142 news channels across Canada have shown patterns of global warming and 20% to 30% of regions in Canada have witness later starts for their outdoor ice rinks.  Some studies shown that 50 years from now the amount of outdoor ice rinks will be at zero and climate scientist Simon Donner says that it is not a surprise to him.

                I believe we must find a solution to climate change. Hockey has been Canada’s tradition for years and when you think that in might go away in the next century or even less than a century its tragic news. It is extremely important we take the necessary precautions to decrease global warming and help save our Canadian tradition! It’s been part of our culture and all our lives for years and taking it away from us would be devastating. Now of course I speak as a hockey fan and you might not have the same opinion as me when it comes to hockey and it being Canada’s greatest tradition. But one thing for sure is you can help change global warming for the common good of the planet and at the same time for Canadians cold winters and ice rinks!

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According to your arguments, I agree with you, that hockey is a Canadian tradition and Canadian winters had always been important to us. What I kind of disagree with you, is that there are things who are more important, related to climate changes than ice hockey. We must care about iceberg melting, who creates an increasing water level. That is more relevant than our patrimony. Hockey is important, but is it as important as other water problems, specificly on ice ? According to my opinion, my answer is no. I wrote my last articles about the importance of water and I wrote another one, on the preservation of polar bears. To me and I hope for most of us, it is more important to preserve for human being survival. I explained why, in my article, it is primary to preserve water if we want a healthy planet. That’s why I think the article you wrote, is not bad, but not as relevant than other effects of the environment’s crisis. Here is the link of the article I talked about. It is described the water importance.