Same story, different team

by Laurence Morin-Emond on September 4, 2013 - 10:42pm


The Nepean Redskins team, an Ontario amateur football team have been accuse to use a custom of indigenous-theme, being “offensive, non-inclusive and dehumanizing”.

Rewind; The National Football League (NFL) team, the Washington Redskins also have been reproach of using this team name, in the last few years.

Personally, I think that history stay, but with the technology, media, and modern thinking, it’s their liberty to choose the team name, no matter what it is. However, those names have to contain no racism, sexuality, sexism or other illegal discrimination.

In the future, we already can predict that, for example, Chicago Blackhawks NHL, Cleveland Indians and Atlanta Braves  of Major League Baseball (MLB) could be also reproach of using images and names represent an “indigenous-theme, being offensive, non-inclusive and dehumanizing”.

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