The Rights/Wrongs of Teenage Discipline

by PedgeRuest on September 11, 2013 - 12:18pm

Researchers have studied and found that the wrong way to discipline a teen is by using harsh verbal discipline, all for the reason of the negative draw backs of the teen self-conscious and their behavior.

Studies and surveys show that the harsh verbal discipline not only makes the teen ignorant of what the adult is saying, but also increases the behavior problems, also causing for some teens, symptoms of depression . Surveys show that 90 percent of American families report using harsh verbal discipline, including yelling, swearing, name calling. Researchers state that the way to discipline a teen is going to speak to them as an equal rather than as a superior.  The yelling and name calling makes the teen feel rejected and lowers their self-confidence, even if the adult is there to be emotionally supportive and caring towards the teen. Even if survey answers can be altered to be socially acceptable, there are some that admitted to their acts, and in addition, if all answers were to be 100% true, then it is suspected that there would be more reports making this conclusion stronger.

As a teenager myself, I strongly agree with this research. The yelling and name calling of an adult only makes the teen feel bad about themselves, even if it’s deep down. I much rather be spoken to as an equal, because it does not feel as if it is an order. At our teenage years, we are starting to want to create our own independence and make our own choices, however still keeping a good relation with others and feel supported. Therefore, stating the worries instead of yelling them is much preferable.

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