The Right To Succumb!

by fleming.Shamuel on September 25, 2013 - 11:16am


The Right to Succumb


We all know that in our modern society, the doctors have the obligation to do everything possible in order to keep their patients (us) alive. Of course, it makes sense; you don’t want a doctor that doesn’t really care about your health condition because common humans want to live as much as they can before dying ! The only problem here is when an human being is almost completely dead, by which I mean that brain functions are not working anymore and the human being is bound to stay in bed for the rest of his life, unable to think, consume food by him/her self and just being unable to live properly.  I think that at that stage, doctors should have to right to let the human being die, with the acknowledgment of the family of course.


In this world where we live, it is illegal to die (suicide) or even helping someone else to die ! Of course, we don’t think that dying is an option we are depressive and suicidal which is a topic I will not talk about. But let say you are hit by a car and the damage that this accident made is irreversible. Let say that for a short moment your heart stop pumping blood through your veins, leaving your brain without oxygen and because of that, your basic brain mechanism aren’t working properly anymore. Would you rather die than get maintained at life by a machine ? 


Also, if you are a close friend/ lover / family of the dying person, you can’t assist that person into ending his agony. The law stipulate that every human being has to fight till the end and anyone who stand against this action is committing a crime ! I think that if a person is completely vegetative (because of an accident or just because of age), the family of the the poor person should have the right to deliver him from his/her pain. What I mean is that if the person that has been hit by a car has no future and can’t even breath my him/her self, why would we keep him/her alive ? Whats the point ? Society will pay to maintain him/her alive and he wont be able to have a decent life. 


I think that in extreme cases, assisted suicide and the right to deliver someone from his/her agony should be tolerated !


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