The Right to have a Gun ?!

by fleming.Shamuel on September 18, 2013 - 10:16am


The right to have a gun ?!


The United-States, our beloved neighbor, is the most powerful country (economically speaking) in the world. Since the 15th century, americans have the right to own a gun. The idea was simple, if ever the government takes over the U.S.A, the humble citizen had the right to rumble against that government and therefore take it down for a better america. Back in the day, it was a good way of making sure that the american ground stayed safe, but today ? Why would a regular citizen in our modern society take a automatic rifle and try to attack the government ? Therefore, is the right to own a gun still a good law ? 


First of all, you will never see a mentally healthy citizen taking an automatic rifle and try to rumble against the government because things has changed over centuries. With the medias, the government is not a total secret anymore. Of course they are  “top secret” projects, but then again, a normal citizen don’t know about those projects and therefore can’t rumble. I am not saying that the american democracy (if we can call in that way) is perfect and shouldn’t get improved; I am saying that having an army of angry citizen with guns taking over politics nowadays is not the answer anymore, we do not solve problems with guns..


There as been a lot of debates over that topic in the late year 2012 because some american civilian attacked schools, cinemas and public areas with fully automated rifles. I mean, how fucked-up is this ? Why would the authority accept fully automated rifles which are guns of massive destruction and are surely not to take over the regime..? We heard a lot about the tragedy of Newton last year where an elementary school got taken down by a mentally disabled person. This man killed 20 children and 6 adults. This would have never happened if guns were not allowed legally in the US. Basically the murderer opened the door of the school with a automated rifle and shot everyone. Why automated rifles are legal in the first place ?! We live in a modern society and yet, we are still at that stage ? 


My opinion is that all of this make no sense ! I live in Canada where guns are not allowed by the authorities and I don’t have to worry about getting killed by a random guy that comes with a gun. I think that having automated rifles available to the public is way to dangerous and they should be banned from society. I think that if the US are not ready to give up entirely their guns, they should at least get rid of the automated rifles because , honestly, who will use a rifle that shoots over 3 bullets per second of defend themselves ?








I totally agree with you. Why would we bring guns wherever we go? It is not like we’re going to use them! I bring my wallet, my keys, my cellphone and at least a pen, wherever I go, but not a gun! I know some people could tell themselves: “Well… Of course I won’t use my gun so, what’s the matter with bringing my gun with me at the restaurant or the cinema? If I don’t use it, no damage will be caused!” These persons are right, but how can you be 100% sure that you won’t use it? For example, you’re talking to someone and he insults you or hits you, maybe you could be tempt to use your gun. Another thing is, to be honest, for some people, guns are a little bit scary or intimating. For example, I went to New York City to see the Statue of Liberty and everything seemed normal to me, except when I saw to guards holding huge guns that I don’t even know to call. At first I really thought they were going to shoot, maybe because it is forbidden in Canada so I had never seen this in real life. Of course they were security guards, but I can’t imagine what would have been my reaction seeing these guns in civilian’s hands… Also, I think allowing rifles can be leading to more violence and crimes because it is easier for people to get a gun and shoot wherever or whomever they want. However, I think I found a great article on the New York post and good news, looks like Starbucks agrees with us.

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