Respect the tough guys!

by mathieubgervais on October 2, 2013 - 2:58pm

       In the Montreal Canadians hockey game last night, October 1st, 2013, George Parros injured himself after falling face first on the ice. Montreal Canadians new tough guy was playing a great game and giving an amazing atmosphere to the Bell Centre until this tragic event. Players and fans waited ten minutes in shock until George finally left the ice on a stretcher. The good news is that George was conscious before leaving the Bell Center on his way to the hospital. Moments after the game Montreal Canadians staff announced that George suffers from a concussion.  

       George fell face first on the ice 2 minutes in the third period during his second brawl against Colton Orr. Orr tripped and George Parros fell face first knocking his chin on the ice. Right away Colton Orr looked at the Habs coaching staff and asked them to send the medical staff. Orr knew exactly what had happen to Parros and felt the pain he was living as in the past, Orr fell face first on the ice during a fight with George Parros and his 2011 season was over. This whole situation got everybody scared, it’s never fun to see someone get badly injured in the game. Fighters in the game of hockey have one of the toughest jobs and it’s time to give them respect for what they bring to a team. They are filled with team sprit willing to defend their teammates and risk their own health like Parros did last night during the Habs game.    

       I believe that events like yesterday are always hard to witness. You never know if the player down on the ice is badly injured or not? Fighting in the game of hockey is necessary and has always been a part of the game in its hundreds years of history, which is why I believe it is important to show respect to the hard work of tough guys like George Parros and Colton Orr. After all, tough guys are fathers and do have families. In every 82 season games they might play, tough guys risk their health not knowing the outcomes of their fights just like yesterday’s incident during the game. It’s important for family members, teammates and fans to show support to Parros and not only him but to all other injured players across the league.

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