Private Life: How Many Years Left?

by Meli.caron007 on September 4, 2013 - 10:35pm


Cameras everywhere, even at your work or when you are walking down the street. Spying has now become normal. Knowing that some of your friends are at the restaurant and seeing pictures of their common life is now natural for us. However, 10 years ago it was not. People were having real conversations and had to learn about other’s life by themselves instead of sharing a post or pictures. In fact, now that people can know every single thing you do, keeping a private life has become more difficult over the years.

 In the article, the author pointed out facts about the button “Like”. He showed that only because you were “liking” pictures or videos enterprises could predict what you would buy and what your beliefs and sensitive points are. Starting from this point, they can create publicities that would affect you and move you. Basically, every decision you make on social networks whether on Facebook or on tweeter, are maybe used by companies. We are constantly surrounded by marketing.

I wonder when people will realize this major fact. We need to change our ways to communicate and control what we want to share with our superior. Recently, employers can also google their future employees to learn about them, which could influence their judgement. Many people get refused a job because of their politic convictions or other beliefs.

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I think the points you've brought up are very valid. Private life is approaching extinction. Companies constantly acquire informations about us that don't concern them. How is it that insurance companies know they could give us a better rate based on nothing but our names? They look us up on the internet and can find our income, our age, where we stay all in the blink of an eye. The worst part is, we don't even really care. We don't protect our identity the way we should. What brought me to think about this was when I remembered about a really long book I had to read last year: 1984 by George Orwell. Not my favorite book, but it shows what might happen if private life were to no longer exist. In the book, thoughts and opinions of your own aren't allowed. Therefore, they all lived as numbers and genders, and were given a job, only to be slaves to "Big Brother", the highest authority. Is it what we're spiraling down to. Should we be worried for our society?