The Power of Sports

by alexandregarceau on August 28, 2013 - 2:57pm

Nowadays, sports are the most watch events on earth. It could be on TV or on Radio but the fact remains: Sport is one of the biggest influence mankind has. But does sport influence our society? Furthermore, how does it affect young children?


This Article is a great way to put ourselves in the situation of elite athletes. Some examples even describe how ¨fun¨ can even be a superficial factor in some athlete’s life. Race is another topic aborded in this article by the author, explaining how race is in evolution in any kind of modern sports.

This article is highly rich in citations and informations which bring the readers to think during the lecture. In addition, the author chose to see modern sports from some other angles that are actually really refreshing while reading them. As an elite athlete myself I can juge that these informations are true and really interesting. Not reading this article is a huge mistake, especially if you have interests in sport.



I agree with you in so many ways. Yes, sports are one the healthiest activities that young people can do, but there is also a limit for everything. You have to consider that being an elite athlete is very demanding (daily practices and individuals trainings), this for a young person, even a kid can’t be too exhausting. These athletes probably don’t have enough time to spend time with friends, make their assignments or the proper study for school.

A balance is always needed.

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