Postponed pregnancies, an opportunity for women?

by m-a.soucisse on August 28, 2013 - 11:37pm


  Let’s face it, us students and adults have really tight schedules.  We often postpone doctor’s appointments, events, meetings with friends and much more.  Well since 2011, a lot of Taiwanese women made the choice to postpone their pregnancies and marriages to a more convenient moment in their lives.  How can they manage to do so and is it in a safe and natural way?

  In the last few years, some women in Taiwan have been calling fertility clinics and having procedures done that allow them to choose when to begin a family.  The procedure is called egg-freezing.  The success rate has been growing and it has been proven to be a safe, simple way of postponing pregnancies. It’s a 20 minute surgery and women that had it are happy with their decision.  At a cost of 2860$(US) is it a viable option for women not just in Taiwan, but all around the world? 

I believe it to be true.  Many women get pregnant before their dreams and objectives are accomplished.  They either terminate their pregnancy, which has a terrible emotional tole, or go on with their pregnancy to only regret later on what they could’ve achieved in life.  It is also a way to ensure that the family’s bloodline is secure in case of tragedy.  I also believe it is an opportunity for women everywhere to shine and live out to their expectations, but also choose the most convenient moment in their lives to have a child and begin a family.  Many women asks themselves “What if?”  . With egg-freezing on the rise, fear no more!

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