Possible Rule Change in the NFL

by mike_parent on August 28, 2013 - 12:18pm

In the past couple of months or years, the National Football League has changed some rules towards hit to the head or neck on a defenseless player. Some people may think it takes all of the hitting concept out of the sport but technically it's only a preventive law for player's safety. Not only that they changed the rules on those kind of hit but players who keep doing those cheap shots are penalized whether it's on or off the field, for instance they get a 15 yards penalty during the game but they also may have to pay certain amount of money to be able to play the next week or so.

 In the last preseason week end a Miami Dolphins player was injured from a low hit in the knees by a Houston Texans player. He left the game with three torn ligaments in his knee. The Miami player is out for the 2013 season no doubt about that. For the moment, the league wait to see what happens in the near season before making a plan on the new rule. In a survey that Bleacher Report team is doing on their website, 51% say yes to this new rule and 49% are not for that. 

I personally think that taking those kind of hits should stay in the game. Sure the league could put a rule on them but not take them out. Football is a contact sport, I agree with the will of protecting players but we have equipment and gear to do so, I did not start playing football to be careful when I hit someone. They are professional athletes, I assume they can take hits, right?



I totally agree with you! Growing up as a kid I’ve played contact sports such as football and hockey and from year to year the leagues commissioners always have something to say on the hitting methods and imply new rules. They first start in the big leagues like the NFL, CFL, and NHL and then bring the new rules down to whatever category we play in. I understand they do their best to prevent hits to the heads and other injuries but even if you imply new rules like they want to do in the NFL as you mentioned and in the NHL, Athletes will still eventually do them! I mean it’s part of the game and you take the risk of playing it. Here is something similar to your article http://forum.canucks.com/topic/302329-hip-checks-banned-from-nhl/. They removed the hip check from the NHL just like they are thinking on removing hits to the knees in the NFL. Their taking the contact out of the game and the fun of it as well! Great blog by the way.

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