Polluted Oceans Abstarct

by gabizawa on November 20, 2013 - 8:18am

The subject of my final research paper is the environment, more precisely the ocean’s pollution. I talked about what are the effects of these polluted oceans on animal, humans and climate change. As you can see in my research, firstly ocean’s pollution has huge effects on animals. There are many activities that we can do to protect our waters towards the animal’s preservation. If we killed their habitats, they won’t be able to be healthy because of the pollution that destructs where they live. They, as us humans, consume water and with all the toxins and polluted minerals that we found in oceans it can be dangerous for their health to drink it. Water is at the base of life. Humans rely on this to survive but they don’t make all the possible efforts to keep it because they over consume it. Water is really important in human’s life we know many ways of using water but maybe we don’t know all the methods to preserve it. We must make efforts in water preservation if we want to have water for the generation now but also for one in future. As the water animals drink, our water is not clean when we consume it often. Because we drink non-cleaned waters it can affect our health as the same way it affects the one of animals. Thirdly, climate change and water are directly related to one another. There are many impacts of the global warming on water. Like the impacts of water shortage, this impact creates other troubles in human being’s life. There are also sea level rise effects that can also affect our lives. I want to share with you all the effects that our polluted oceans have on human beings. It is like a vicious circle we pollute the planet we found this pollution in water and we drink it. By drinking water, it can affect human being’s health. That is why we must care about it by making actions towards its preservation. I found information that surprises me about the climate change and you should read about it, maybe you will learn and carry more about it


Your topic is interesting. I love how you view water as the base of the universe. Your depiction is significant. I think that we should preserve as much water as we can for the generations to come. We have approximately 2% to 5% of fresh water on the planet Worse still, we have to share this tiny portion with other animals. Important as the matter is, expert help is needed to help rationalize water usage.
On another note, it is not a good idea to start a sentence with” because” if you do not mention a reason. If I were you, I would have elaborated more on the subject matter. You should have covered the subject in more depth.
This subject is near to my heart as I once did a project about it. That said, I have a background in the subject. Apart from seas and oceans, the human body contains up to 60% of water. We are extremely in need of each drop we waste. We are fortunate enough to live on earth. This is the only planet that has this precious resource. Sad enough, we destroy our own wealth by polluting and wasting water. There are threatening repercussions to our actions. Unfortunately, most of us are unaware of this issue. For instance, last summer, a train derailed and crashed into a lake in Quebec. Can you imagine the consequences of an incident like this? Of course, the lake was polluted. The dangerous carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons were present in the water. Please follow the link below for more details. The website gives us live examples of how our unconscious acts when combined can harm humanity .

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