Play sports and stay active for your own good!

by mathieubgervais on September 25, 2013 - 12:10pm


        Everybody has a sport they love to play, some people play it because they love the competition while others play it just for the fun of it. Sports have been around for thousands of years, in fact they’ve started in pre historic time periods. But it’s only in the 1980’s and 1990’s that scientist decided to take a look at the benefits of sports and physical activity. An individual taking part in a sport team or any sports event can lead them to prevent chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, depression and bone disease (osteoporosis). All these dieses can be prevented just by enjoying the fun of playing a sport which is great!

       Sports can help starting at a young age and also as you grow up to be an adult. When you’re young and participate in sports, you are more likely to grow strong healthy bones, develop good lung function and also help with the movement of your muscles while executing an act. When you grow up as an adult, the benefits of sports are that they help your body evolve in a healthy manner and give you good quality of life such as independence. For women who participate in any type of physical activity, the benefits are strengthen their bones to help prevent osteoporosis and make them stronger to prevent any type of fractures. Sports don’t only have positives on body and mental health but self-esteem. The action of being part of a physical activity helps an individual in a physiological cognitive thinking as well. To help the brain develop and learn, which eventually helps that person succeed academically and in any other occupation they have.

      I personally believe that this article is a strong one, they facts given are said to be proven by scientific evidence and the article is posted on a good sports site that has been running for ten years. And what they talk about is 100% true. Staying active and participating in sports and physical activity is so important because it helps our bodies stay healthy and our brains.  And if you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy playing sports, you can always find an alternative to stay active to allow your body and brain grow a healthy life style. When were young we do a lot of things that effects our bodies in negative ways and it’s latter on in the future that we realize it’s too late to start getting active. So start at a young age and keep the routine of playing sport and staying active in your everyday life.  

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I agree with you, sport practice has a lot of benefits for our body but it has a lot of benefits for our mind and also for our behavior. As a child, being introduce to sport is the greatest gift you can have. While a child is practicing a sport he develops key values as respect, honesty and teamwork. Introducing him to a competition can help him to deal with a stressful situation and also to cope with winning and losing. The website below shows a lot of benefits that sports can bring to a child. A lot of study have shown that a kid who has an active lifestyle is able to me more concentrated at school and also has more ability in his relationship. A lot of programs are promoting sports for children and I think it’s a good idea to make them participate in our daily life through a physical activity. It’s a good way for them to be engaged in their community and to be feel good.

I believe that this is a very good article due to the reasoning you have provided. The health of an individual is one of the most important things that someone must care about because it is what keeps them in life and healthy. Physical activity is also a simple way to stay health and as you mentioned, it is better to start at a younger age because it is at the younger age that your body needs the help to get on a good healthy tract for the rest of you life, or at least as a start. People who try to start it much later in their life may find it a lot more difficult because their bodies are becoming less flexible and more fragile. Their bodies are not use to such activity that it may become dangerous if you do now know what your limits are. Example, someone who has never been active and has developed heart disease decides to go for a run, what they do not know is that their body may not allow them to have a run because it just simply not able to take such an extreme start, and therefore it may result in a stroke. Also, I also completely agree with it helping you mentally as well, because I have personally tried this and it does work on helping you have better concentration, therefore create a better understanding in what you are trying to learn. Also making you feel better in your own body.

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