Plan Nord, Quebec

by fleming.Shamuel on October 2, 2013 - 11:45am

Quebec, the province I live in, is one of the richest region in north-america. We own more or less 30% of the total clean water on the entire planet and we own a lot of minerals. Since few decades, companies from the U.S like “Nestlé” (which is a branch of the multinational company “Coca-cola”), are harvesting our clean water through pipe lines, bottling it and then reselling it to people. The big problem with that is that they are taking our water, which is a natural resource and then they make us pay for it ! I find that outrageous ! I have not paid any attention to it but then comes to Plan Nord.

Officially announced by Jean Charest’s liberal party, the Plan Nord is basically a plan to harvest the numerous resources that we have in the north of the province and then sell it to companies in order to make profit for our province. At first, that plan seems to be good but then comes the facts ! Companies that are not necessarily ours will come and take our resources and then leave with it. Of course, we think that they’d need to pay alot of royalties to us because they are basically taking our resources from our territory. But it turns out, according to this website : that they aren’t paying much after all. It is better than before (according to the old regime) but it is still very low for the amount of profit companies will make after gathering the resources ! Of course, it will give us more money for our government but I don’t think the royalties are enough because according to this environmental website:, companies don’t have to clean the land they ripped off. So what it means is that companies will come, take our resources, pay a very low price for royalties and leave our lands completely destroyed and contaminated. Therefore, we will have to fix our own lands and invest money into environment.

I find that completely unacceptable ! Why would we just intentionally give all our resources that are worth thousands of millions of dollars to companies who will destroy lands, provide temporary jobs and then leave us with nothing but a contaminated land ? What is this all about ? Of course, we have to think that the most powerful country in the world is our neighbor and therefore, we’d like to stay friends with them because if for any reason a conflict appears, we want to be allied to the United-State of America. Although, I think that giving our resources is a little too much !


Did you know that Canada owns 20% of the world's freshwater? Even though this may seem like a lot of water, this creates a false sense of security. Water is precious and we have to preserve it as much as we can, which is why I agree with you. Selling our freshwater supply for pennies is not benefiting Quebecers, it is benefiting corporations (and they're not even Canadian!) Furthermore, as you mentioned, the companies would be taking all the natural resources they want and when they're finished, they would have no responsibilities to the damage they've done to our ecosystems. That doesn't seem like a fair deal to me, so why would our politicians create such a plan?

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