Pixar closes its doors in Vancouver

by Matthew Pellicer on October 23, 2013 - 11:14am

As Vancouver was developing its high-tech movie production sector, Disney decided to close Pixar’s studio in Vancouver. This came as a surprise to everyone because the employees got the news at the same time as the general public. The main problem is that Disney decided to move all the jobs to Emeryville, California. This is where Pixar started and where it’s main activities happen.

This kind of unexpected closure can strongly affect an area’s or even country’s economy because either most of these employees will be offered to move for their job and they won’t pay taxes to Canada anymore or they will slow down on their spending because they are unsure of when they will have another job and they have bills to pay in the meanwhile. Also, businesses give a lot to the government in tax money not only just on their income but because of all the supplies they buy from local shops which eventually helps many people live and maintain their shops.

There is some good news though. Hootsuite, a social media firm, had a lineup of about 1000 applicants the same day Pixar closed its doors. This means that even though 100 people became unemployed more will be hired within a short amount of time.


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