Paid for Their Work.

by alexandregarceau on September 25, 2013 - 2:41pm

Are athletes overpaid? This question is constantly asked. But the real question is: why are they paid so much? I was really skeptic about the answer to that so I searched it. 6 extremely good arguments convinced me on this site: .


The arguments were: 1: They are the best at what they do. 2: They start young and finish young. 3: It could all end in a split second. 4: It’s show business. 5: This is not public money. 6: They earn it, they really do! All these arguments are developed in a way that you can’t even respond to them.

This website marked me by its incredibly simplistic arguments that you can’t counter because they are logically true (I mean, you can’t counter logic). This article is simple and really well written. Through the lecture you can see that the author really knows what he’s talking about and after some research you find out that everything said in this article is proven to be true. After reading this article, my opinion of this question completely change and it made me admire athletes even more.

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