Omega 3 may cause Prostate Cancer.

by PedgeRuest on September 25, 2013 - 12:10pm

For the past years, Omega 3 has been known for being a positive benefit for the heart when consumed. However, it has only been recently discovered that it can cause higher risk of “aggressive prostate cancer”.

The study that was conducted has surprised many researchers due to the high promotion of the benefits of Omega 3. However, since the studies show that high concentrations of Omega 3 associate to prostate cancer, researchers are willing to conduct further and more advanced studies that will clear up the reasoning of this discovery and to determine if the consummation of Omega 3 is more positive than negative. In addition, they do not want men to start panicking because of this and stop taking Omega 3 on a regular basis because it still remains to being very beneficial to prevent heart disease.

I believe that before drawing conclusions, researchers should have further experiments and studies to back it up, especially due to the fact that the first study only showed beneficial affects and now negative ones have been discovered, this only causes the population to be confused to if they should continue including it in their diet. Therefore continuous of consummation of Omega 3 should be recommended, until proved otherwise, because it is still a good way to prevent heart disease which can be a serious issue.

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