Oceans need our help

by gabizawa on October 2, 2013 - 10:05pm


As a way of improving the environment’s crisis, we are making little actions to help that out. For most of us, those actions are recycling or daily easy actions. But what if you can help to environment a little bit further? What if we would be more engaged to the planet’s survival? One of the things we must start to carry about primarily must be the ocean’s health, as you will see in this article.


Oceans are the bases of life. They help to food, oxygen and also they create economic opportunities. Badly, the pollution and its consequences make the ocean’s health more difficult. For this reason, we keep an eye on our Canadian’s water and what is affecting them. The authors said that they are trying to protect waters by making best marine planning in favor of the environment’s dangers and by informing people about what our waters are passing through. Canadian’s Pacific is really concerned when we talk about campaigns on health ocean improvements. All these efforts will become really useful in the future. In the link below, there are stories about Health Ocean who can be an inspiration to help our planet, you can post your own stories also. We called people who carry about the risks to our ocean, Ocean Keeper. These people are really trying to change something.  If you want to learn more about them, you must go on the link. There is also information’s about the first nations plan on the Pacific’s health. Other advantages to health oceans are also described deeper there. It’s also written on the British Columbia’s seas. All these information’s are useful to our approach on ocean. By reading you will be informed of all these.


I think this article was really good. It comes from the David Suzuki’s Foundation. M. Suzuki is really concerned by environment’s case so he’s a good source to listen. There are strong premises in this article, with many examples related to his argument. What I found enjoyable in this website is that we can click on other links related all to the ocean’s health. By this way, the explanation were really clear. It’s important to keep our oceans clean as the article said, that’s why I found important to write about this subject.




Really good article , I am trying to explain this in a lot of my article. Water is really a problem nowadays, and we need to prevent some probable disasters. Helping the planet and its ocean is really a great step to clean life because water is at the basis of life. National Geographic's website is really a good site to go seek some information and help . I do search some information myself on this website in that really helped me understand more the aspects that our planet Is dealing with which are very alarming. PH level in our ocean is increasing by 25% since we started polluting in the early 1800's. We need to change that by recognizing the problem, adapt to it and make changes around it. Life will be a lot better if we all do that. http://www.nationalgeographic.com/

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