Obama's Choice

by maxime.rousseau on September 11, 2013 - 10:46pm


The hot topic of the moment, on the international scene is without any doubts the Syria crisis. In summary, there is a civil war in Syria and the government in place has gazed some rebels and some innocent people. There is a big fight about whether we should interfere in the fight or not because of this horrible war crime. Those who wants war say that chemical weapons are totally forbidden and the other ones say that this is their war…not ours

The president of United States Barack Obama just publicly announced that his country won’t attack Syria. But they will negotiate with the Syria to make them hand over chemical weapons. If Assad’s government doesn’t agree with this, U.S. will have to attack and to stop the inhumanity.

On my point of view, this is the best way to resolve the conflict. It’s unacceptable that a country use chemical weapons on their citizen: they should protect them. However other countries should not fight for a war that don’t even concern them. It’s why diplomacy is the best way to act. Gas bombings will stop (we hope) and other nations are not going to send soldiers and fight for a war, which is foreign for them. We can only wait and hope that all of this will end the more peacefully possible. This is the full report about Obama’s decision:


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