Nuclear Energy for UK

by filip_bec on October 24, 2013 - 12:03am

If I say nuclear power or reactors, what comes in your mind? Nothing good, right? That’s because we were taught that nuclear energy isn’t safe, and dangerous. And maybe it is. But one thing I can be sure of is the fact that the United Kingdom is getting one of these toys.

In the very near future, the UK government will be signing a deal to start building their very first nuclear reactors for 25 years. They will have European pressurised reactors (EPR), because they are adapted for any possible situation or catastrophe. This new design of reactors gives more electricity for less fuel. Isn’t that great? It is also a safer system than the common nuclear reactors found around the globe. First, the reactor building will be more resistant to aircraft strikes. Two concrete walls of more than 1 meter thick will be placed around. Secondly, there will be six generators instead of four in the site, all placed in a waterproof building. Finally, the reactors will be built on a 6 meter thick concrete base, in order to prevent molten core burning the floor. The under floor cooling and the EPR cooling system will both be combined to quickly bring down the temperature of the molten core if needed.

I am impatient to see the final results in 2018, when the reactors will start to produce electricity. All this words are one thing, but the application is another. I am still confident about the results, because these new reactors were created after analyzing the mistakes of the predecessors. As seen in the article, there were airstrike assaults before on reactors. The EPRs prevent this. Reactors were flooded in the past. The EPRs prevent this. Areva, the developers of these reactors, taught of every possible case. As for the article, it was fluent to read because the premises had a paragraph each, and supported with evidence. The conclusion is that the EPR’s are a safer system than the casual reactors. An example of premise is that there are now six generators instead of four, all protected in a waterproof building. In 2011, Fukushima had their generators flooded, cutting the power, creating an over-heat in the reactors. With past event, they adapted their own reactors. Like we say, never make the same mistake twice.

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I totally agree with the fact that seeing Nuclear technology emerging in the UK is exciting ! It is also true that we have been taught not to think that Nuclear technology is good. It is not absolutely wrong, nuclear technology an impressive amount of attention in order to be used properly. The principle is simple, creating a controlled nuclear reaction in order to create massive amount of heat which will then boil water to make turbines move and then creating an electric current. Of course, temperatures and the amount of uranium that is in reaction has been controlled very carefully otherwise the entire place blows ! You can find more information about a controlled nuclear reaction at this website: