Not the pre-season we expected

by Laurence Morin-Emond on September 18, 2013 - 9:13pm

Hockey preseason: rookies, veterans, excitement. In other words: examination of the rookies. After a big season last year, Montreal Canadiens haven’t great showed up on their two pre-season games.


Marc Bergevin and his technique team went search big players this summer. The George Parros, Douglas Murray, Michael McCarron and Danny Briere have been identified like players who will help Montreal to win the Stanley cup, in the next few years but also who can help protect our players. In last playoffs, the professional hockey team have been accused of missing roughness in their plays. They have been eliminated during the first round. The fans had expected more than this, last year, after the Canadiens finished second and played versus Ottawa Senators. 


But after two pre-season game, Montreal is whitens of the result sheet. The first game versus Buffalo Sabres seemed to be great on the first period, but no. Period after period, it was worst; Buffalo still equalized the score. The game finishes on shout out, when Mikhail Grigorenko beats up Zachary Fuacle, the rookie goaler.


On the second game, even if Carey Price, the first goaler, the Habs still rented 6 goals against the Boston Bruins. Obviously, big players was playing, but nobody was able to stop the Bruins. The game wasn’t better than the previous one. 


On their next game, against the Carolina Hurricanes, in Quebec City, Montreal will really have to wake up, even if it’s just the “pre-season games”. An anonymous author, but also a lot of coaches said: “You play like you practice.” So, if the players take the season seriously, they should show that they can beat the other teams. And anyway, others teams also look up their rookies on the pre-season. In final, I don’t find that the rookie excuse is good, because they have to be prepare and the regular players should help them and make the team play, or a loose game with a close score. If it really doesn’t work and we don’t see the light over the black tunnel, the general director will have to do new changes again, mainly if it’s the way to win the Stanley cup.|MTL|home

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