Norway duo goes viral

by m-a.soucisse on September 11, 2013 - 11:22pm

Ever since it's existence, the Internet as proven itself to be the host of some very unique content.  Things can go viral in a heartbeat and predicting what will be the next hit is nearly impossible.  Well the new sensation as now been found.  They're unique, they're weird and they're funny.  It's Ylvis.

Ylvis is a norwegian duo of brothers (Vegard and Bard) that host a talkshow in Norway.  The show is called "I kveld med Ylvis", which translates to "Tonight with Ylvis".  For the return of the show this fall, the duo decided to advertise themselves with a funny song called "The Fox".  Before you go on, you should click the link below to see the actual video.  Now that you've hopefully seen it, you can see that this is no ordinary music video.  It's a very odd and outgoing and people have been watching.  It now as reached 18million views on Youtube and some say it will be the next "Harlem Shake" or "Gangnam Style". Why is it that we enjoy such weird things that don't make all that much sense.  The reason seems clear to me.

In our society, standing out of the crowd is becoming more and more difficult because us humans can be so judgemental toward one another.  Showing our true colours and are true self is now being blocked by fear.  We want to stay in our bubble and be very conformist.  So when we see things like two guys singing about animal sounds and basically making fools of themselves for humor, we just watch and respect these people.  We admire them for being so outgoing and living outside the box. Also, I believe that these songs have certain rythms and beats to them that we've never heard before.  The tune is different and that's why we enjoy it so much.  Of course some people believe that these songs are simply stupid and basically down right idiotic.  It's true in a way that ts is not so smart, but we seem to enjoy it anyway.  So let's tune in to the fun and the humor of songs like "The Fox".  The most important question remains:  What does the fox say?

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