Is North Korea that Bad ?

by fleming.Shamuel on October 24, 2013 - 10:25pm

Kim Jong-Un, a name that was in every minds of the great American country last year. This fellow North Korean threatened a lot of people including the United-States of America. In fact, Kim said he was in possession of weapon of mass destruction (mostly missiles) and wanted to launch them at the United-States of America. It is easy, in that sense to think that all North Korean are bad but it is not the truth ! North Korean’s population is not well treated but it seems like no one cares about their situations.


In fact, The Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea systematically violates the rights of its populations.  The government does not allow organized political opposition, free media, functioning civil society or religious freedom !!! That basically means that they have full control over their population and as of now, there is nothing that the population can do ! North Korea also practice collective punishment based on many anti-state offenses ! They enslave hundreds of thousands of citizen in prison camps and that, includes children ! On top of that atrocity, the government is periodically executing citizens that are guilty of minor crimes like hoarding food or stealing state property ! By minor crimes I mean that here, in Canada, we would never kill someone because they stole a property ! 


To my opinion, that is totally outrageous ! The government of South Korea is deliberately killing dozen of their citizen, they use them for labor until they die and does not provide any kind of security ! While documenting myself over the topic, I felt like that atrocity was very similar to what Hitler was doing in the second world war to the jews ! I can’t believe that from all we have heard last year about Kim-Jong-Un, we have never or barely heard of the horrible conditions that the population was in ! 


We all know that the news are not saying everything about a topic and in order to have a good idea of the issue, it is important to find other sources but I never though that something that important would have been left out of the news schedule ! America is as guilty as the government of North Korea because they know about the actual issue and they aren’t doing anything to save and help the poor population that has been oppressed since way to long !



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