by andree-anne talbot on October 23, 2013 - 10:47pm


We all know synchronized swimming is a beautiful sport, when we look at this we’re all amazed by the talent these girls have and their sparkling costume and makeup. As you probably already noticed that, no boys are competing at the Olympics in this sport. According to this article, when synchronized swimming started, everybody thought this could only be a girl sport because it looked simple and beautiful. However, it is not as easy as it seems and some guys would enjoy competing as a male synchronized team at the Olympics.

This article is about a male synchronized team and their struggle to convince FINA and the Olympic committee that guys can compete to this sport.

The article is really interesting and there are a lot of quotes from an interview with these guys so you can actually know they exist and have an opinion. Fortunately there is also a video of this interview.


Synchronized swimming is known as a feminine sport but I can account that seeing men synchronized swimmers is really refreshing. I was a competitive synchronized swimmer for a couple years and rarely saw men competing. It saddened me, and when I would tell people I was a synchronized swimmer they would be little it. A synchronized swimmers’ job is to make the sport look easy, so it’s more aesthetically pleasing however, it is not easy in the least. Some even say it’s even “the hardest sport at the Olympics”. Synchronized swimming is “like ballet and gymnastics in the water with music” and takes a lot of practice to master. But just think, in what other sport do athletes perform mostly upside down with no oxygen?

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