A new generation

by fangjun9608 on November 13, 2013 - 11:04pm

A new generation

Ever since the invention of many technological devices (TV, Computer, Cellphone), our society has completely changed compared to the generation of our grandparents. People who are born between 1982 and 2001 are called the Millennial Generation. This generation was born with technology. The little kids knows exactly how to use phones, computer and play video games without teaching them.



The article talks about how the new generations are digital native librarians, their technological skills and their relationship with the technology. The author explains that everything we used to do daily are replaced by technology like boards game are replaced by video games and communicating with people thorough email, text messages ,etc. Furthermore, the author is interested at the academic librarians on their feelings about the technology because they want to turn the whole traditional of academic books into a new revolutionary of digital books which they feel it is more benefic for this generation of students whom relies a lot on technology. The author wants to know if the library school is useful for the students. To understand the situation, the author did a research to determine their attitude toward technology and to examine their skills. The result of the three part survey showed that after the library school the people are more comfortable with the technology that are used rather than those which you are allowed to create a content.



In the second article, the author explains how she feels from her personal experience that the technology is destroying human interaction. The digital life is taking over the actual life. She explained that it is destroying human interaction by talking about her daily life. She says that text and emailing has replaced human interaction with her friend and her professor. Furthermore, the author also explains that people are spending more and more time on Face book. She explains that all the time spent on the technology is a huge waste of time.



The main relation between these two articles is that they talk about how technology can affects our well being. Both articles talks about the influence of technology on our daily lives and how digital life is replacing the real life now.


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