New Advances to Come Closer to “Perfect” Skin

by ariane.r on November 13, 2013 - 9:21pm

Skincare are now a broad domain. If you’ll ever want a skin anti-aging cream, you’ll see that you have a tone of choices! But what if scientists have found what can be another type of anti-aging miracle creams?

An article from International Dose-Response Society conducted a study that shows how hormesis affects “growth and other cellular and biochemical characteristics of normal human skin fibroblasts, keratinocytes and endothelial cells undergoing aging”. It is a new approach for science. The biological hormetin came from Sanchi ginseng cultivated in China. I should say that aging is cause by the combined interaction and interdependence of the whole organism, and its survival is maintained “between the occurrence of damage and the mechanism of maintenance and repair.” That being said, the study was basically to treat the human skin with the hermetic extracted from the Sanchi. The main results were that hormetin has the “ability to induce the synthesis of a stress protein”. The amazing discoveries in there were that this latest scientific finding is contradicting the old view that “stress is always harmful”.  The novel hormetin-based skin care product is supposed to be a fundamental change for the society and can create a whole new health care product.

I found another article that talks about science advances for skincare products. We can now notice a change in the composition of anti-aging face products. Today, scientists who understand how skin ages have created a whole new set of products that really make a change in the cell instead of just on plumping up the skin. You can have access to many facial serums and skin creams moisturizers. The author states that the best skin care products are those with retinol (vitamin A) inside. But the essential thing to remember is to protect your skin from the sun because “dermatologists say that about 70% of the visible signs of aging can be prevented by limiting exposure to ultraviolet radiation.”

Both articles above talk about new discoveries or new advances in skin care creams/products. I am a little bit skeptical about the benefits of the Sanchi ginseng because there are no products available yet in the market. But it is a recent study so maybe the products will appear eventually. In both articles, they state how it is important to protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation. It seems to be a big deal for skin damages. I figure out that if most people stopped hurting themselves by going at tanning salon and put on some sunscreen before exposing their skin under the sun, we would have lesser premature aging skins. Because of the increasing technology, now both of the article cited creams that work at the cellular level. Now we can go deeper and find the source of aging and also reverse this phenomenon. So I think they are good articles that provide reliable information reviewed or wrote by experts.

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