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by mathieubgervais on September 11, 2013 - 3:27pm

         Do you remember how your life was without Facebook? What you used to do when you had nothing to do other than go on Facebook? Well it seems that in today’s society if you don’t have a Facebook account your different and you don’t fit in. Yes Facebook has its positives, like communicating with friends, watching funny videos like vines etc. But have you ever thought about the negative effects Facebook can have on an individual?  

            Over one billion people are logged in on Facebook daily! We have Facebook on our computers, cellphones and even televisions. People across the world use Facebook. And all these users myself included get negative effects from Facebook, this social world were people interact. Studies have shown that Facebook has negative psychological effects on young adults. The more people use Facebook, the worst they feel afterwards and the studies also show that the more an individual uses the site the more his life satisfaction level declines. The positive in this is that Facebook hasn’t seem to affect people on their wellbeing, yes people use Facebook when they are lonely and seeing pictures of their friends and family having fun might make that individual more lonely but the social isolation hasn’t seemed to affect an individual’s wellbeing as studies have shown.

             The main reason I write about Facebook and its negative effects we can get from it is because I believe that, us as individuals all use Facebook a little too much! Facebook is a great invention to use but if we use it in a proper way. How many times have you seen fight start from Facebook, and other nonsense? Knowing about others people’s lives is good but with Facebook you can get so much information of someone just by visiting their profile page which is bad, you never know who is looking at you and what their intentions might be. This is why it’s important to monitor your Facebook and know who you have in your friends list. Thousands of people have Facebook friends they don’t even know! There’s an average of 83 million fake accounts in the world. Use Facebook for its positives tools! Don’t let it affect you in anyway, it is after all just a site.  

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First and foremost, I want to thank you for writing about this dominating media, it is extremely important to realize its black side instead of its blue one! I partially agree with you, one of the good side factors of Facebook, in my point of view, is not to watch useless video about silly people doing anything and everything-vines-. I mean, you can get happiness form anywhere else. For example, you can offer help to your mom, an old person, or even just to smile to strangers-real happiness. These recently known types of videos are a waste of time. I belief that laying without activity during long-time can indeed create assort of unhappiness or dissatisfaction for you have not accomplished something useful.
Also to add, Facebook has other bad effects like distracting us from studying, doing our daily work or even to workout. You were saying to think about our lifestyle before signing up in Facebook, I were more active, this social media built in me laziness. Not just to go do my exercising, but the feeling of sloth, thinking that I am cozier on my sofa, rather than being somewhere else.

I totally agree with you that some users take Facebook too seriously. It is even worst since you can access the website on your smartphone. The amount of time spent by users liking pictures, sharing status and commenting on their friends' post increased since the arrival of 3G and Wi-Fi connection all around us. To me, there is nothing wrong with using Facebook as a source of entertainment as long as it doesn't interfere with more important activities like studies, work or sports.
Facebook comes with negative effects, like a lot of cyber intimidation and can cause a feeling of loneliness for users seeing their friends having fun while they have nothing to do at home.
Facebook makes the organization of groups really simple by creating events and groups. At our age, if we are not on this social network, we miss a lot of what is happening.

Here is a link to help you find out if your use of Facebook has gone too far:

I agree with your article on one point. I think you’re absolutely right about that some people are using too much facebook and not for the main goal of it.

I don’t undersand why you’re saying that it affects mostly young adutlts. I think Facebook has an impact on every ages. They already know what Facebook is, before they can write. But, if you’re using Facebook in a good way, there’s no reason it can create big problems. I’m not saying that basing on sources, but that’s my own opinion. In this article it’s proven that there isn’t any impact on social isolation. I can take myself as an example, I often go on Facebook but it doesn’t change my relation with others. This website show as I did the advantages of using Facebook in a good way. It proves what I was saying.

Everything has disadvantages when we are using it in a bad way. Mainly facebook, I’m thinking about the private life and the bullied acts, etc.

This article caught my attention because I myself deleted my Facebook account last year for many of the reasons presented in this article. If you were to ask me if I would make a new account today, I would say absolutely not. I have found I have much more free time and I do agree that sometimes, like the arguments in the original article states, I do feel sometimes left out, but in the over-all, I do not miss it at all!
I have to agree with the original post, that Facebook does in fact have many negative effects on the mental health of its users. As the article states, the website often leaves its users feeling lonely and unsatisfied with themselves, and I agree 100% with this. However, the article also argues that Facebook can have positive effects on young adults because it makes communication easier, etc. I think that yes, Facebook has facilitated some means of communication and has simplified the task of keeping in touch with loved ones. However, there are so many other ways to contact people, and I think that if you really want to keep in touch with someone, you will make the effort by finding ways other than simple Facebook posts and messages.
On the same note, and as it is quickly mentioned above, here is an interesting reading about fake profiles and what you should look out for:
After all, the internet is a dangerous place!

I believe that Facebook can be an amazing tool for communicating with friends, especially those from other countries. It’s a great way for you to catch up and see what they’re up to. That being said, I do agree with you that there are many negative elements that you may face when having a Facebook account. Whether it be your safety, or an addiction to the website itself. I have many friends who can’t seem to put their phones down. Whether it’s checking Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, iMessage, or their emails, we are constantly connected and I don’t believe that’s always a good thing. You go out with your friends and everyone’s on there phones. Maybe you’re “connecting” with people electronically but you have people to connect with right in front of you and you’d rather be on your phone. I recently read an article that said BRB (be right back) is no longer used because we are always on our phones, or computers that there is never a time where we aren’t there, aren’t plugged in. I can’t even remember a time before Facebook because there hasn’t been, not for me at least. Facebook was created in 2004, and I was born in 1997, meaning that ever since I was old enough to use Facebook, It’s been there, I’ve never not had it. Facebook is so anti-social. Think about it, when you’re on it 90% of the time you’re alone in your room. If you’re at a party and don’t feel like speaking to people you go on your phone. I highly doubt that all the 1,000+ friends you have on Facebook are your friends in real life. How many of that 1000 do you actually hang out with, or talk to in person. We’re known as the generation that is always connected, but we seem pretty unconnected to me.

Excellent article, Mr. Gervais. I must admit that, through more than a few stubbed toes while scrolling along, we should all cut back a little with our social media usages, more specifically Facebook. But I would like to invite the perspective of gender to this idea as well.

While you mention in your article that there are several negative impacts on actually using Facebook, there are as well consequences of having Facebook used against you. In this digital age it may a blessing to have this level of connection with family, friends and acquaintances, but it is also a curse if this connection is used to discriminate, and unfortunately it is often used to do just that. It isn't hard to find such harassment, and its impact is not always seen.

In my Gendered World Views class, we were introduced to shocking amounts of discrimination presented against women, in the form of "Rape Culture" and male Hegemony (being an alpha male, as it is sometimes called). Sometimes, these concepts can manifest themselves as physical or verbal abuse against women, and in more and more cases, over the internet. Cyber-bullying is not an issue worth ignoring, and the link I have at the end of my comment is one of too many examples of an extreme case of cyber-bullying.

I'm not saying all men abuse women over Facebook. What I am saying is that it's just one more obstacle removed when it comes to these big concepts, and your recommendation that we should limit our social media usage is one that I cannot agree with more, though not exactly for the points you've mentioned.

Here's the link I mentioned:

Even with all of these facts, most of the people who will agree with this actively use Facebook...

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