A mysterious and cruel story

by fangjun9608 on September 4, 2013 - 8:54pm

This article caught my attention because it was shocking and weird at the same time.


It all happened when a 6 year old Chinese boy was playing outside during the evening. He got his eyes gouged by a woman whose identity remains unknown. Later on, the police suspect that the one who gouged out his eyes was his own aunt who has already killed herself. So, the police does not have solid evidence since the woman they suspected is dead. The motive behind this story was that they had a fight over who was going to take care of their deficit grandfather. But, it was later denied by the father of the boy that it was a lie. It still remains mysterious.


This article is really disturbing because I can’t imagine somebody in your family that would do this kind of thing. I think that the relationship between the parents of the boy and their sister-in-law where not really good which caused this horrible thing to happen.



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