More Sleep=More effective Learning

by PedgeRuest on October 2, 2013 - 12:13pm

A study has proven that the more an individual sleeps, the better they take in information during their learning and the more they are capable of remembering what they had just previously learned. However for this to function, not only does the individual need to sleep over-night, but they must take naps as well.

This study has been done on pre-schooled children because classroom naps may be removed from the daily schedule for more educational activities. However, the studies prove that this is not a good idea due to the positive outcome of the nap time, compared to not having any nap time. It was shown during an experiment that the toddlers that were encouraged to have nap time had a higher memory of what they had learned that morning, compared to the toddlers who had skipped it. In addition, researchers’ state that the night sleep does not have a better outcome of memory, what is best is having both the nap and the good night’s sleep for the biggest outcome. We know that sleep boosts memory not only in toddlers but also on young adults, so this study gives more of a generalized result than just on a specific age group.

In conclusion, I believe that this is a very reliable article because it is all very logical. Even I have been told that more sleep will increase better performance at school and it does actually work. However, the biggest question I have been asking myself since the beginning of the article is if studies show that sleep is effective for better memory for not only toddlers but also young adults, then why isn’t this taken into account for high school, college, and university students as well? This would not only increase the better grades for these students but there would be better rankings in schools and more students will be capable to get into the career in life that they have dreamed of becoming. The overloading work may be a reason for not having time to include it, but it is just more of a reason to include it because it makes so much more content for the student to keep track of. As a quote says, you will only have time for something if you make time for it.


That would be perfect! I totally agree with the idea of incorporating naps into high levels of studies. Even if it is not proved, I always tough that taking naps was helping us, not only in our studies, but also with our feelings. In fact, a lot of people are having insomnia trouble at night because they are thinking too much and sometimes simply too much stressed .Then when the day come they feel tired. The thing is :when are we going to find time to take a nap? We are so busy with our lifestyle that we sometimes do not even take the time to eat or we even go to bed later because we did not have time to finish what we had started that day. Http://, shows the improvement of skills that naps have on our lives. They also mentioned a reliable source that is an expert and an author of a book called: Take a Nap.Change your life! I think it would be really interesting to see what it would be like in college or in universities...seeing students and teachers taking naps at the same time…

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