Moon’s Deepest Secret

by maxime.rousseau on August 28, 2013 - 12:04pm

A new incredible discovery just came out: the NASA’s moon mineralogy mapper (M3) just found water on the moon! This is a huge breakthrough in space science because we always thought that the moon was dry. It could be the beginning of a series of discoveries about life in space.

They sent the M3 in the crater Bullialdus on the moon and it imaged the whole crater to allow the searchers and scientists to find out that there was magmatic water in the inner moon. They were able to identify a certain quantity of water in the moon’s rocks. They learned more about the composition of our closest celestial body and its volcanic activities.

I found this article very interesting because it’s a scientific innovation that just blew my mind. It’s just something we could not have imagined. I am just wondering if this discovery will lead us to another one concerning where do we come from. Maybe there was people on moon or a certain form of life before an event because water is life and we just found some…This is a topic I will clearly follow and get informed.


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