Montreal goes Joly?

by m-a.soucisse on October 30, 2013 - 11:10pm

In the municipal elections for Montral's new mayor, Denis Coderre has been well ahead in the poles for a while, but he might have Mélanie Joly right up in his rear mirror.

The reason why the municipal elections interest me so much is because Montreal just terminated to awful Mayor's, Applebaum and Tremblay.  Two politicians mumbling lies and unable to do great politics.  Municipal elections in a city like Montreal is crucial, and now Montrealers face the choice to either vote Dennis Coderre, Mélanie Joly, Richard Bergeron or Marcel Côté.  Côté is well behind, Bergeron was dismanteled to pieces by Mélanie Joly on television, which leaves Coderre with approximetaly 40% of the votes and Joly with 25%, but Joly's votes have been growing, and the elections are getting tighter and tighter.  Which one of the two should be mayor?

I really hope Montreal goes for Melanie Joly. I believe Coderre to be untrustworthy.  The guy was in a bad sponsor scandal in public works.  He hasn't been proven guilty but isn't that an automatic red flag for Montrealer's?  The huge problem in Montreal has been public works and now Montrealer's are voting Coderre?  It seems crazy to me people wouldn't vote Joly.  Joly doesn't have a long political carreer like Coderre, but she has much more experience in the municipal field.  In fact, she even wrote a book about it.  Coderre on the other hand, doesn't have any experience in the provincials or the municipal elections.  Also interestingly enough, Joly studied law and also went to Oxford.  Coderre did Political science and business for his studies.  Corruption being a huge problem, wouldn't it be an advantage to have an actual lawyer as mayor?  I personally hope Joly wins the election in a miracle comeback, or at least have alot of asay in Montreal, to keep a close eye on Coderre, who may or may not turn his back to Montreal, who is desperate for a good leader.poélanie_Joly

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