Money is Power

by Zoe.Papadatos on September 25, 2013 - 8:15pm


Imagine if it were possible to have nation depend only on renewable energy. Would we make it happen? Would politicians make it happen? Would corporations let it happen?


Ed Miliband, leader of the British Labour party promised that if he was elected in the year 2015, he would freeze energy prices for 20 months, which worries the Big Six energy companies. Industry spokesmen say that this policy will lead to job losses and other economic imbalance. Furthermore, Scottish Labour’s shadow energy minister stated that: ".... it is unrealistic to suggest renewable energy alone can deliver all of our energy needs in the medium term. The UK will still need significant amounts of gas – both for peaking electricity capacity in the medium term, and to account for the 80% of our heating that currently relies on the fuel." However, the fact is, a transition to 100% renewable energy is possible, according to a detailed study. The world can get nearly all of its energy from sustainable sources in around 40 years. The report, “Transition to a fully sustainable global energy system” sates: “A fully renewable global energy system is possible: we can reach a 95% sustainably sourced energy supply by 2050. To achieve such a bold goal we need to combine aggressive energy efficiency on the demand side with accelerated renewable energy supply from all possible sources. This requires a paradigm shift towards long-term, integrated strategies and will not be met with small, incremental changes.”


Now that you know that living in a society dependant on sustainable energy is possible, ask yourselves this: Why aren’t we taking steps for this to happen? The answer lies within our politicians and their loyalties towards corporations rather than its population. Obviously, the “Big Six”, not to mention other huge energy-related corporations, would feel threatened by the suggestion of renewable energy because they wouldn’t be making a maximum profit. It all comes down to money, profit, and self-interest.


You're entirely right in what you said, a society entirely dependant on renewable energy would be a crucial step for society. However, like you said, the thing standing in the way of achieving this goal is those who make money off of the system currently in place. Truthfully I think that these people will prevent this from happening for a long time. Money has a such a large role and influence in our society that I'm sure the politicians and people in positions of power will follow the highest bidder, which in this case are the energy corporations that are against the transition to renewable energy. Needless to say that one day this transition will have to happen because the current resources are limited. However, for now all we can do is hope that self-interest will be replaced by a sense of morality and responsibility, but that's never easy when there's money involved.

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