Marketing Strategies

by maxime.rousseau on September 25, 2013 - 10:22pm


Even if we don’t know, big companies used strategies to make you buy their product. This is called marketing. Multinationals are spending billion of dollars on marketing and this is what makes them sell more products. There is two companies in particular that are real leaders in this domain: McDonald and Starbucks

McDonald was based on a simple concept: fast and convenient. People just wanted to eat cheap and fast. This type of restaurant was just perfect. They adapted their selling strategies trough time and countries. Starbucks ‘marketing strategy was slightly different. First of all, it was based on quality. Their quality wasn’t only good for the coffee but also for the service and the coffee shop itself.

I think marketing is a good thing. This is what makes big companies (apple, mc Donald Wal-Mart etc.…) it creates jobs in this domain and it makes people buy products (good for the economy). The only thing is that marketing can be deceitful and manipulate your subconscious...

This site is about the marketing strategies of McDonald and Starbucks:


Just by clicking on the link, an advertisement page opened before the main page. Marketing is everywhere, as a Sport Management & Marketing student I notice a bit more publicity in my life. There is many types of publicity in this world whether it`s on billboards or on the internet, people from urban area can face up to, on average, 5 000 ads every day. It might look easy, because we see so many ads but in reality, there is a long process to be able to have a successful one. The marketing department of a company is a huge part of their profit or loss at the end of the year. Good advertisement brings more customers to buy the product and poor ads can decrease, by a lot, the sales of a company. Furthermore, the marketer job is not easy; it takes a lot of skills to have success in this job. Sure some of the ads can be annoying, but think of how much time and how many tries it took to be able to launch it. Advertising is a great thing even if we see a lot of it; it is a hard job to accomplish.

Marketing is a good thing, well that's one way to see it. The way companies now promote themselves is invasive and affects our lifestyles and choices. Of course we expose ourselves to these ads and we are responsible of the extreme perversion that are the every day ads. Our consumer habits have created a monster. With social media's growing, the ad world is expanding. While surfing the web or my newsfeed, I see ads that have nothing to do with my researches or interests. This is because there is a laissez-faire all around the world. Last class we even discussed that two guys accepted to become actual life-size ads. This way of life is crazy and must be put to a stop sooner or later. No wonder people max out credit cards and spend all their money on thing they can't afford, or things we waste our money on. I don't need to go to eat at Subway at lunch time. But recently, the 12 inch 5$ ads came back and I've been eating pizza subs 2-3times a week ever since even if I could eat anything else. Anyway, we are all victims of this situation and it is truly sad for us.

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