Living without Plastic

by Matthew Pellicer on October 23, 2013 - 11:41am

Taina Uitto is a woman who decided to live without plastic. This is excellent for the environment and she describes how hard it was before to find products that didn’t have any plastic and to find stores that sell them but that with time more natural product stores opened and made this easier for her. In a time where the planet is a growing issue and that plastic causes a lot of pollution, this is a great way to help the environment.

There are some economic drawbacks to this if this practice becomes more and more popular. As companies who use plastic in their products get boycotted, their sales will start to drop. Any company, when they see that their sales are dropping, will lay off any extra employees to try to keep the same level of profit. As more people are laid off, people will consume less which means that economies will slowly head towards recessions. As recessions get worst less money is available for the research of replacing plastic because nobody wants to buy products that have some. As funds go down not as many researchers can work on finding this replacement material for thousands of products that have plastic and are used in people’s everyday lives. This eventually becomes a vicious circle until people hit a bottom where they end up putting their values aside and purchase products with plastic again. It is sad to say but I think forgetting plastic completely on a big scale is impossible because it is present in too many products.


I believe you're over-exaggerating the effect that this issue might have on the economy. In fact, your argument contains the fallacy that is a slippery slope. If people stop buying products that contain plastic, it will not lead from one bad thing to a disaster. Companies will simply find another way to make a profit. A few people might be laid off, but it most likely not lead to a recession. Furthermore, since the transition to life without plastic will be slow, the companies will have time to adjust. Although it is hard to avoid consuming plastic, it is possible as Taito Uitto has shown us and most importantly, it's good for the environment, and I hold the environment at more importance than the economy. After all, our economy is a system in our society. Our environment is our home.

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