Links for Children’s Behavioral Problems

by PedgeRuest on October 30, 2013 - 11:33am

Why is it that the majority of children have normal behavior while a minority of the infant population have behavioral problems? As scientists recently discovered, some links to these problems are due to infections they inquire during their fetus's development.

Scientists discovered the link between the change in the brain functions and the infection effects after running some experiments on new born mice which are generally compared to third trimester of the pregnancy. While these tests, scientists exposed the mice to minor infections that cause brain inflammation that cured within 72 hours, however further on in the experiment they realized that this brain inflammation does not create short term effects but effects the neuroscience and therefore the physiological functioning of the brain. It turned out that the inflammation cause the brain to switch from the development to dealing with the infection. What this means is while the cells are fighting the infection and inflammation, the rest of the brains cells are reduced in dosage of iron that is very important for the development. In consequence, when the child grows up they demonstrate behavioral problems because of the temporary infections that unbalanced the brains system. In addition if you understand this information, these effects were based on a minor infection, therefore the causes and effects will be more pronounced for infections that can be more serious like for example, autism and schizophrenia. Although scientist have discovered these links they still do not understand why this happens, therefore more research will be performed to understand how the immune system functions and how the correlate with the rest of the body. The real question remains if there is any intervention that may potentially work to prevent this from happening.

I believe that this article is strong because the information is well explained and each reference to this information are from specialists to this domain in knowledge. Therefore, this information can be taken seriously. Furthermore, I believe that this article creates and better understanding to a mother to understand what really happened to their child, which is always a good thing. Although, all there is missing is to know exactly what to do to prevent infections during pregnancy to further on prevent disabilities and problems throughout the child’s life.

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