A Legend’s retirement

by fangjun9608 on September 4, 2013 - 8:52pm

The article which I will talk about it’s very interesting in terms of the sports world. This news is kind of shocking for me because he’s someone who has made a really huge impact in tracking.


In this article, Usain Bolt told the media that he plans to retire after the 2016 Rios Olympics. He decided to retire because he wants to retire on the top like a lot of legends in sports like Muhammad Ali or Michael Jordan. Who exactly is Usain Bolt? For people who doesn’t know he is a sprinter who became famous ever since his dominate performance in 2008 Beijing Olympics. He won the 100m, 200m sprint and the 4x100 relay. He broke 3 world records in the 2008 Olympics which was really impressive.


So I decided to make an article about Bolt because I’ve watched him ever since the 2008 Olympics. I still remember the day when I was watching it on TV with my parents. I was shocked and impressed by his domination because he was way faster than the other sprinters. Normally, you can barely see the difference between the sprinters, but Usain Bolt totally crushed all the others by a huge margin. I also got an image where it shows what I saw during in 2008.I would be sad to see him retirement because he has always been an inspiration.










I totally agree with you. An athlete like Usain Bolt definetly has an impact on sports. Since he started is Olympic career he dominates the track, with his Olympic and World records, Bolt is a legend. The day will come when the world fastest runner will retire from the sport and I don’t think any of the present runners could beat him. I will be sad to see this legend retire from the competition. It’s rare that you see a true leader like him. People compared him to a cheetah, which is pretty impressive. Not only is he a record older but also an amazing human being. In Jamaica, his native country, he gave a lot of money to the community and a lot of time to help kids in needs. Whether you like him or not, nobody can take his record from him. In my opinion, he is in the top 5 of the greatest athlete of all time and the moment he will retire will definitely be an emotional moment.


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