Legalize Marijuana a.k.a Weed ?

by fleming.Shamuel on October 30, 2013 - 11:45am

Legalize Marijuana a.k.a Weed ? 


Marijuana, weed, pot, “purp”, “kush”, all these names for this drug that is very popular in our society. As of now, selling marijuana is completely illegal and you can posses only a small amount on yourself at risk of being arrested. Marijuana is essentially a plant that when dried and smoked provides a temporary “buzz” which consist into relaxing the human body. Marijuana itself is not harmful. In the other hand, today’s weed has been modified and is now much more powerful, giving hallucinations if taken in big quantity. The question is, Marijuana, a.k.a weed be legalized and controlled ? 


Before answering that question, it is important to understand what happened to weed. As said before, Marijuana is a plant and it is not extremely harmful if taken alone. The problem is, we live in a society where people always want a bigger “high” (high stands for the impact that weed has on the human body when taken). In order to achieve this bigger “high”, drug dealers often input chemicals and hallucinogenic substances in their pot. These substances are of course much more dangerous that the marijuana itself. By legalizing cannabis, the government will be able to control which substances is inputed in the weed itself and then it will make it more safe and less harmful for the human body. If we take the example of alcohol before it was legalized and controlled by the government, people where getting blind because the alcohol was not  processed properly. I strongly think that if the government choose to control marijuana, they will be able to make it safer and make a good amount of profit out of it. Also, by opposing certain laws to marijuana like for the alcohol, fewer minors will be taking the drugs and it will then be more controlled. Having tried weed few times myself, I am able to say that the “high” that weed provides nowadays is very strong and surely not safe. I practically never smoke because I do not like the effects but I think that if it was legalized, controlled and people would be more informed rather than be in pitch black, taking such herb wouldn’t matter much. 


In other words, I strongly think that it is at government advantage to legalize cannabis, making it accessible to 18+ and controlling what are the substances that goes into the herb in order to keep it safe. People often think that if it was legalized, people would take more weed and society, then, would not benefit from this change. I think that if we fallow the same path we took for controlling alcohol, it will be fine.


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