Justin Trudeau’s miss hap, a new debate?

by m-a.soucisse on August 28, 2013 - 11:39pm


  Not long ago, the consumption of marijuana has been permitted in Denver and other places around the world.  Indeed, smoking pot has had a sudden reappearance since the Beatle’s and the hype has been amplified by artists like Wiz Khalifa and etc.  Now what does this have to do with the head of the Canadian liberal party, Justin Trudeau?


Justin Trudeau, being younger then most politicians, is closer to the phenomenon that is smoking marijuana.  He has recently admitted to having smoked pot 5-6 times in his life.  The last time he “got high” was 3 years ago at his home in Montreal.  He was sitting by the pool with some friends when it happened. He made no apologies for it and in fact, he is supporting the public opinion and wishes to legalize marijuana all through out Canada.  This comes after his policy on the subject and political rival Stephen Harper had no comments on the matter, knowing all well how it should be seen.  But should marijuana be legalized?


I believe that marijuana should be legalized.  I am no “pothead” but at this point, why bother fighting the trend.  The system that has been implanted is quite developed and nearly impossible to dismantle.  Many studies of the effects of marijuana have been made but none are actually conclusive.  Some say alcohol is worst then pot but then again pot causes addiction and has been proven to kill brain cells.  So my opinion is solely based on the fact that if pot were to be legalized, it would be taken care of very much like alcohol.  Strictly allowed to adults, purchased in real official stores and market and most importantly, it would be handled in dosage and a much safer environment then the one it is exposed to today.  Of course the government would make a lot of money off it but then again, real firm and government studies could be completed so we can finally the real truth about marijuana, instead of clearly falsified studies by influenced groups.  So making pot legal could have benefits after all.



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