Jeb Brovsky, a hero

by Laurence Morin-Emond on August 28, 2013 - 9:31pm ,  


Since more than 3 years, Jeb Brovsky, a Montreal Impact player, is fighting for the woman rights through soccer. In those three years, he make 3 humanitarians trips ; Guatemala (2) & India was his two destination.


Watch him talking of his second trip


In 2010, Jeb Brovsky & her wife Caitlyn create a foundation call Peace Pandemic, raised to empower youth through peaceful action and then teach leadership and nonviolence to them through soccer. In the last years, he makes smile a lot of kids, make them forget, unfortunately, often their dark reality. But, the Montreal Impact player inspire them. Actually, in Montreal, a fan group of him & peace pandemic create the Jebi knights.


In their second MLS season, the Montreal Impact wins the Canadian championships, to access at the CONCACAF. The team will play 4 games; two on the road & two at home. The Montrealers have been class in the group of C.D. Heredia & San Jose Earthquakes. During the draft of the teams, the Jebi Knights have rapidly take conscience that the C.D. Heredia was a Guatemala club. On Twitter, they wrote that it would be fun if they invite Guatemalan to the game. Obviously, they thought of the 2 precedent trip of Brovsky. The Colorado native, who already had a good relation with them, agrees the idea. Quickly, the idea grows and grows. “ Operation Quetzal ” was born. A lot of fan was interested and join it. After a big fundraising, versus Kansas city, they finally announce that more than 400 lucky kids will be able to go watch the game at the stadium (with the help of HANDS)! On the big night (august 21st), The head of the Jebi Knights, Benoit Labonté had made the trip to Guatemala, and surely, Jeb with the team. After the game, he takes the to go thanks all the kids and salute them. In case of gift, the Montreal Impact have even give a bag to all the kids.


The Jebi Knights, Jeb & Caitlyn, will by no doubts, plan an other humanitarian trip. To be sure to not miss anything, or be the next to help making a kid happy, follow them on Twitter or on their web sites.

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