It Never Ends

by PedgeRuest on September 18, 2013 - 12:31pm

Not only can the advertisements on Facebook become annoying, but they have begun to cross the line. The dating ad “Find Love in Canada!” posted a picture of Rehtaeh Parsons, a suicidal teenager that was cyber-bullied after being raped at a party by 4 boys, as one of their attractions.

The family of Rehtaeh Parsons are repulsed by this, not understanding the reason why they would post the picture of a suicidal teenager. “This is my daughter Rehtaeh. They have her in an ad for meeting singles. I don’t even know what to say.”  Facebook immediately apologized for this incident and deleted this ad from the whole network. Consequently, the government of Nova Scotia passed a law after her death creating a unit enabling a police unit to track cyber-bullies. This should become active before the end of the year.

How is any of this right? I believe that this is disgusting, it is socially unacceptable to use the picture of a suicide teenage girl as an attraction for an online dating ad! Especially because this teenager’s reason was based on cyber-bullying from many other people of her age, harassing her for sexual relations. Facebook did the right thing from blocking all access of this online dating company from its network. Can this family finally have peace from society and start to mourn calmly?

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