iPhone 5S as in Same thing

by paul_mariuta13 on September 12, 2013 - 12:07am

It is that time of the year when Apple announces their new iPhone, and once again everyone are tempted to buy one. Yes, I am talking about the upcoming iPhone 5S. Was it worth the hype and is it worth buying one? As a regular Apple customer, I would advise you not to because of the fact that it is basically the same thing as its predecessor, the iPhone 5. The only ¨innovate¨ aspect of the iPhone 5S is arguably the fingerprint scanner, which lets you scan your fingerprint in order to unlock your phone. Is it more convinient than tapping in your password? Maybe. Is it worth spending a few hundred dollars for? I wouldn't say yes. But of course this is not the only new thing that the iPhone 5S brings. With each new device, Apple continously tries to upgrade the power and the speed of it and this year is no different. However, we are at a point where smartphones are so fast that it doesn't really mather by how much anymore. They can handle stunning graphics, almost surpassing those of a handheld gaming device. The life of the battery has not been improved tough, in order to take profit of all that power. Overall, the iPhone 5S is big lackluster and unless you have money to spend, I would say to wait until the iPhone 6.

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